Making Goals…And Keeping Them

Back in college, I decided to stop making New Years resolutions. It wasn’t like I failed to keep most of the ones I had made in the past. Well, to be honest I don’t remember most of the ones I made. I think I resolved to stop sucking my fingers in elementary school. Anyway, it seems most people who make New Years resolutions fail to keep them. That’s part of the reason why I stopped making resolutions, and started making goals.

When we make New Years resolutions, we usually have a general idea of what we want to accomplish. We want to lose weight. We want to be in a relationship. We want to travel more. We want to do all sorts of things in the coming year, but we don’t them. Why is that?

I think the problem lies in that we fail to make goals. Good goals are specific. Great goals have specific plans of how to achieve them. Fantastic goals have little mini goals that lead to their accomplishment. The best goals don’t wait til January 1st. (Who would want to work towards anything on one of the darkest and shortest days of the year?)

For instance, one of my goals is to get signed with an acting agent in Portland this year. It can’t just be any agent, though, it has to be an agent with great connections. The agent I want gets his or her clients work, paid work. Preferably, he or she doesn’t charge fees for representation.

The gameplan so far has to been 1) gather submission materials, i.e. an acting reel, a resume, customized monologues, and industry standard headshots. 2) Make connections and get referrals. 3) Get my face on every casting and film networking site out there. And finally, 4) Update this website.

As for the reward? I haven’t quite decided yet. Maybe I’ll buy a cd with music from The Black Keys or KONGOS. Or I’ll fill out my comic book collection with some more Teen Titans adventures or delicious Wilson family drama. Or a scoop of scrumptios icecream from Salt & Straw.

What are your goals for 2015?

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Jason Hawkins
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